Winter “Drum” Collection


January 7 - March 16

Mixed-age classes meet once per week for 45 minutes. Our Winter session is 10 weeks.

During the Winter session each family will receive a songbook and CD containing all 25 songs we will learn in class. These 10 week sessions are a great way to bond with your child, form a meaningful "musical community" with the other parents and children in class, and to create a strong musical foundation for your child.

The Music Together® curriculum is developmentally appropriate for ages 0-5. Music Together understands that ALL children are musical and that music learning supports ALL learning. Come PLAY and LEARN with us!

Music Time!
Class Locations


Village Center Mall | 400 N. Main St, Ste 203, Milford, MI 48381
American House | 700 Napa Valley Drive, Milford, MI 48381
Brighton Music Academy | 719 W. Grand River Ave, Brighton, MI 48116




Tuition includes 1 CD, a family songbook, a "Music and Your Child" guide for new families, plus an access code to download music and activities

First Child - $185
Sibling Tuition - $95
Third Child - FREE
Siblings 12 months and younger - FREE

Class Schedule

  • Family Class O | Mon. 10:15-11:00 | Milford | Ms. Mandy

  • Family Class A | Tues. 10:45-11:30 | Brighton | Ms. Mandy

  • Family Class N | Tues. 11:45-12:30 | Brighton | Ms. Mandy

  • Family Class B | Wed. 9:30-10:15 | Milford | Ms. Mandy

  • Family Class C | Wed. 10:30-11:15 | Milford | Ms. Mandy

  • Family Class D | Wed. 11:30-12:15 | Milford | Ms. Mandy

  • Family Class E | Wed. 6:00-6:45pm | Milford | Ms. Mandy

  • Generations Class F | Thur. 9:45-10:30 | American House in Milford | Ms. Mandy
    Click HERE to learn more about our Generations Class

  • Family Class G | Thur. 10:00-10:45 | Milford | Ms. Amy

  • Family Class H | Thur. 11:00-11:45 | Milford | Ms. Amy

  • Family Class I Thur. 1:00-1:45 | Milford | Ms. Mandy

  • Family Class J Fri. 10:00-10:45 | Milford | Ms. Mandy

  • Family Class K Fri. 11:00-11:45 | Milford | Ms. Mandy

  • Family Class L | Sat. 9:30-10:15 | Milford | Ms. Mandy

  • Family Class M | Sat. 10:30-11:15 | Milford | Ms. Mandy

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Registration - Classes in Milford AND Brighton

Online registration for our Winter classes is now closed. We have a few spots remaining, though! If you are interested in joining us, please contact for a list of available classes.

If you haven’t tried a class yet, check out our schedule of
free demonstration classes!


Cancellation Policy – Should you need to cancel before the first day of class, your tuition will be refunded less a $25 cancellation fee. No tuition refunds will be given after the first week of class. If a class is missed you may make it up by attending a class from another section, per approval of the center director.